October 23, 2011

Personalize Your Apple iPad With a Stylish Cover Or Case

What's cooler than an Apple iPad you ask? A unique cover or case that reflects your personality or style is a must. Accessorize your iPad with a case, cover, jacket, shell, or sleeve. With a little bit of research you can look cool and protecting your investment at the same time.

For starters and at minimum, definitely check out Apple's official iPad case which provides good protection against the occasional bump, dents, dirt, and scratches. There isn't a choice for color, but the black is never out of style.

IPad 2 Review

ipad 2 review

From a simple screen protector for a few dollars to a custom cover, you can find the ideal accessory to fit your budget. Some other factors to consider include:

Color - your choices are limited, but that should make your choice easier Ease of use - make sure the accessory fits snugly and doesn't interfere with the functions of the device Material - leather is more expensive, but tends to be softer to the touch, timeless, and looks great Padding - an important consideration for accidental slips and for frequent travelers

If you are looking for something more stylish, then look into higher end accessories from name brands with the likes of Kate Spade, M-edge, and Oberon.

If you are serious about making a statement, consider hand-made covers and cases (e.g. Strangedog). Some vendors will not be able make the perfect accessory until they get their hands on the real device (shipping on April 3), so it might be worthwhile to wait and get the best for your money.

For those that are environmentally minded, you can find green covers and cases (e.g. Vers Audio's wooden case) that do the job without the guilt.

Personalize Your Apple iPad With a Stylish Cover Or Case

ipad 2 review

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