February 25, 2012

Nikon S100 Digital Camera recapitulate

First introduced in September 2011, the Nikon S100 is a slim and captivating digital camera. The constructor has included a lot of technology in a relatively small package. Featuring a 3.5 inch touch-screen along with a 5x optic zoom, this camera also allows users to create 1080p videos with stereo sound in both regular and 3D.

Users will appreciate the fact that all captivating parts other than the lens cover are enclosed in the camera body. Even the 5x zoom lens is enclosed to protect it from dust and dirt. While unabridged good quality is seen in this camera, some may find the lens cover to be flimsy.

The Nikon S100 is not the smallest camera on the market today, but it is smaller in size than most iPhones that are used on a daily basis. While it has the appearance of an reasonable pocket camera, the constructor has included highlight that set it apart from these cheap digital cameras.

The camera constructor has included three detach autofocus modes with this camera. Out of the box, when the camera is turned on, the default mode is the touch shutter option. Users naturally point to an object on the touch-screen and this camera focuses on that object. Field tracking auto focus allows the lens to focus on an object and ensue that object as long as it does not leave the screen. Touch Af/Ae allows the user to set the focus to a definite length by using the touch-screen.

The Nikon Coolpix S100 depends heavily on the easy to use touch-screen. With a particular shutter button, all other controls are managed through the screen. The camera's touch-screen makes full use of the whole 3.5 inches unlike many other models that tend to use only 3 inches of the ready space.

Picture quality from this camera is excellent. Colors are captured in true to life features. The high pixel resolution allows users to make digital zooms without pixelation once the photo is downloaded on the computer. Whereas other cameras might have lost distant shots using lower resolution, this easy to use model allows important zooms.

The Nikon S100 is a camera that can be appreciated by many who think photography as a hobby. The expedient is easy enough to use that it will be enjoyed by the family photographer. Although it is not likely to win the favor of a pro photographer, it will swiftly come to be a beloved of amateurs.

Nikon S100 Digital Camera recapitulate

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