May 20, 2012

Tablet Computers recap - Just someone else machine

Recently I have been tinkering with a tablet computer for some time, in an exertion to convince myself to use it on day to day basis. However I felt it is was not built for working citizen who use the computers (desktops or laptops) to produce something of value to their companies or customers.

This might be hard said, but that was my reaction. For me it is a tool and not a tool for work. Before going further, I would like to note that this does not diminish its value as an wonderful technological device.

On the other hand for citizen who use computers as a productivity tool, there are some big issues linked to it. The minuscule you lay your hands on one of them you will at once consideration the following:

- Your fingers are not as accurate as a mouse pointer, so if you are doing something like paintings or illustrated manufacture you will have hard times going straight through it.

- Also it is not convenient for real work on spreadsheets such as Excel, due to the endless manipulations you need to do with your fingers, instead of a mouse.

- admittedly it is not convenient for programming, but I guess this is the least of concerns for many people.

- an additional one annoying feature is the continuous switching back and forth of keyboards as well as jumping from alphabetic mode to numerical mode. This will make any writings take at least 1.5 times the writing on a real keyboard.

- Now the real big issue is in the manufacture view itself. To admittedly use it for writing you will have to bend over it to use its keyboard causing you a pain in the neck and shoulders on the long run, and reducing your capability to admittedly view the article of the screen. If you place it vertically to read or view the article you won't be able to write without twisting your fingers and wrists.

So with all those drawbacks, what is it for?

Well it suffices to look at some of the advertisement to know that a tablet computer is only for sharing photos, doing social networking, reading books or articles, viewing videos, and web browsing in general. But if you are doing serious work it won't help you.

When I asked a friend if she is going to buy one for herself, she replied: "what for? For music I have my iPod, for work I have my laptop and for roaming I have my mobile".

So it is just fair to think that tablet computer is more cumbersome than a mobile, and less effective than a laptop/desktop.

Based on this assertion I don't think that all of us agree with some foremost form in the It business that the era of Pc is over.

Tablet Computers recap - Just someone else machine

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