March 16, 2012

A Look At Some Of The Best Devices Of 2011 together with The iPhone 4S

2011 has been a superb year for smartphones with the introduction of some superb features and technologies. Over the past 12 months we have seen dual core processors introduced and new editions of both the iPhone and Android operating systems. We look at some of the very best devices to have been released in this period along with the superb iPhone 4S

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been the most popular gadget over the last year thanks to a blend of high specification and perfect marketing. At the time of inaugurate the model was the slimmest phone available which appealed to the communal and the fact that it offers a dual core processor and an updated version of the Google Android operating law means that it is roughly impossible to ignore this great device. A large 4.3 inch Super Amoled display offers benefits in a amount of areas and makes watching movies an immersive feel and web browsing an enjoyable affair. Despite the 480 x 800 resolution display being lower than what is offered on other devices such as the iPhone 4S it is still regarded as the best display available thanks to its superb colour pregnancy and wide viewing angles.

In the second half of the year we were treated to some perfect new devices from Htc and the model that stood out was the perfect Sensation Xe. Rather than focusing on the screen capability Htc took a dissimilar arrival and aimed to make this the best model for audio operation and they did not fail. Beats Audio technology is incorporated to heighten music playback and it does have an perfect supervene with the model producing a depth of sound that you would not commonly join together with a movable handset. A pair of headphones worth £80 are also supplied with the device. Other areas of the phone are equally as impressive and comprise a 1.5Ghz processor and a 1080P video capture. Only time will tell either this model proves as popular as the Samsung but in terms of specification there is exiguous to choose between the two models.

Our favourite model of the year has to be the great iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4 was a popular model and the developers at Apple improved any aspects of the phone to heighten the user feel and leave us with a gadget that surely is hard to beat. One of the features on this model that eclipses what rival brands can offer is the new Siri voice command service. This is the best example of voice recognition technology we have encountered an enables you to achieve roughly any task on the phone without physically touching the handset. The new iOs5 operating law used by the model incorporates 200 improvements over the old version with the biggest change coming in the form of a new Notifications Centre that keeps you up to date with all happening in the world nearby you. The high capability Retina display is once again present and digital still photography has been boosted to 8 mega pixel resolution.

Some perfect models have been released in 2011 and the three we have discussed are surely the best. Although there is exiguous to choose between the three in terms of specification the iPhone 4S stands out thanks to some perfect features and the contemporary glass build that it uses.

A Look At Some Of The Best Devices Of 2011 together with The iPhone 4S

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