February 20, 2012

Blendtec And Marketing - I Call It The Genius Smoothie

Blendtec's marketing department is very clever. If you're in marketing, you might think their work 'genius'.

The firm is no more than 35 years old. Yet at the ripe age of 35, they find themselves competitive with direct marketing titan Vitamix (a ninety year old staple) for the top blender brand in the land. This doesn't happen by accident.

It starts with a catchy marketing plan devised to appeal to the right crowd at the right time. Enter 'Will It Blend'.

This marketing campaign fuses direct demonstration (taking a page out of the Vitamix book) with today's most recognizable and beloved devices/artists and you have yourself a lead generation motor gun. That is exactly what Blendtec has done to draw interest to their Blendtec brand blenders. It wasn't just successful, it started a viral craze that catapulted Blendtec into blender stardom.

You can't naturally have a smart marketing plan without a real product to back it up. The videos do the talking. Visual proof is very popular, even if (and I don't suggest you try this, really) you don't eat iPhones or iPads. The sheer power of Blendtec blenders are demonstrated in these videos by taking those devices, sticking them inside a new Blendtec blender and request the viewing group if they think it will blend. Of course, the products do blend. In fact, they get shredded into a powdery pulp.

In an age where viral videos and Visual confirmation are more leading to the buying group than they ever have been, Blendtec could be determined pioneers of direct demonstration on steroids.

Blendtec blenders are much core than a gimmicky campaign. They happen to be a top choice of health food enthusiasts and raw food diet lovers and for good reason. They are one of the few brands whose blenders will shred roughly anyone into a pulp, making food easy to eat/drink and easy to digest. Blendtec blenders are easy to clean and easy to store away.

Blendtec reviews are rarely bad. They do offer five years on their warranty and have reduced the likelihood of returns by manufacturing a sturdy product right out of the gate. There are as a matter of fact more spokes to the Blendtec wheel than their videos.

When you are competitive in the food service manufactures with a mega brand like Vitamix, you had better be multi-faceted in your firm plan.

Blendtec does just that, and then some.

Blendtec And Marketing - I Call It The Genius Smoothie

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